Client: Sekrit
Field: Food, Art and Entertainment
Link: Sekrit fanpage

Visual Identity
Graphic design

Challenge Building up on the excitement for a type of event very well known in western countries, but not so much in Bali was the challenge. Advertising something that is meant to have a low key profile and “secret gathering” approach. Using social media as main promotional site while not wanting to be commercial or for a broad audience.

Solution Sekrit was an experimental project launched in Bali. Secret gastronomical experiences in different locations on the island. Only 15 seats available, a set secret menu and an unconventional location. The guests would send an email  make the reservation  and they would be given a pickup point and a time. The goal was to seduce end exciteand play with  all 5 senses. To share a different experience with strangers, to make an adventure out of eating. From an ordinary act, to an extraordinary experience.

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