Challenge To reflect an eclectic personality in a minimal, Black and white, non-pretentious way. Sagrado was so delicate and so raw at the same time. Limited edition jewelry based on sacred geometry, designed by Renée Noelle. Yoga teacher, world traveller and modern rebel would be the words to describe her, and her jewelry was a pure reflection of her strong personality.
Solution For the logo, she had already been using 3 small marks in the inside of her rings and earrings as her signature, so we emphasized on them to use them as base for her logo. A very unique, handscripted, Chinese ink style of typography that would highlight that raw pure black and white look gave the finishing touch. The website was designed as less ornamented as possible, so the jewelry would stand out and the rest of the elements would be complementing it.

Client: Sagrado
Field: Jewelry Design
Link: Sagrado Jewelry

Product Photshoot

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