Inspiro Yoga

Challenge A new nomadic yoga Studio formed by a couple, far from the traditional image of yoga. Balance between a young modern view of the world and the simplicity of the yogic philosophy. Integrating the line of clothing they are designing and their future Raw Food section.
Solution Inspiro Yoga was founded by our great friends Nazareno and Lisa, we helped them bring out the colours for the brand and did general aesthetics consulting for the logo, as well as design their business cards. The design of the website was also supported by us.

Client: Inspiro Yoga
Field: Yoga, Clothing and Raw Food

Branding consulting
Visual Identity
Business cards/ Product Tags
Website consulting

“The experience of working with them has been absolutely wonderful. They’re always super enthusiastic, helpful and come up with new innovative ideas and designs. You can tell they love what they do, spicing everything up with their passion!” -Lisa Andersson/ Founder

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