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Challenge Grouping a 10 year trajectory that had been growing very organically and making it into a brand. Architecture that plays with nature, living without walls and Simple luxury were the main goals. Minimalistic, elegant, natural, , subtle, Non-commercial, where the keywords words for this concept.
Solution Flõra was the perfect definition for this business: It was natural, it was the name of the roman goddess of plants and it was a grouping of flowers. We decided to use the phonetic version of the word for the logo, which gave it that extra twist we were going for. Most of the houses Alejandra, owner and architect of the villas, had built were named after flowers, so we set off to find a name that could group them up for Flora Collection and keep the natural and elegant spirit she had been forming: Designed for a lifestyle without walls, where Nature is the main character.

Client: Flora
Field: Architecture and Vacational Rental

Visual Identity
Social Media

“I have loved my ongoing creative collaboration with Javier and Laura! They are such a talented team, balancing the creative and the technical with just the right mix of the aesthetic and the practical and basic hard work. I find them versatile and eager to be the very best they can be for themselves and their clients. They are a one-of-a-kind package that I would whole heartedly recommend.” -Alejandra/ Founder

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