Client: Bambajam
Field: Musical Product Campaign Launch

Art direction


Lee Ann and Duncan came to us looking for a human and creative approach to make a video for their Indiegogo campaign. They had seen some of our videos and wanted a «fun, flowing, arty, home-made type of video». They wanted to engage on the emotional side with their audience. Bambajam had been a 2 year process, with a lot of learning on the way and they wanted to tell their story and excite the new buyers with their product.


We presented a video that went from shots of kids playing and having fun with Bambajam, with shots of the instrument as part of the client’s daily life, and also with Duncan’s personal story as a musician and educator. The video starts building up on emotion as the music takes over and the images speed up, ending with a full on «help us make this dream come true». The main goals we focused on were: Emotional engagement, showing a high quality, Earth-friendly product, and emphasazing on Bambajam’s unique features.

“Lau & Xavier have an incredible ability to interpret a brand and communicate this in a powerful story. We worked with them over a two day shoot and they were able to bring our brand to life in a jaw-dropping film. They combine their skills to offer impeccable design, creative direction and technical brilliance. However, the most important skill they possess is their passion. ”

-Duncan McKee/ CEO & Founder

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